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Misc. Press:

In Las Vegas Review-Journal talking about e-readers vs. books

In Las Vegas Sun, commenting on Las Vegas being ranked 52 out of 75 in literate states

In Creative Loafing Atlanta as a 2010 favorite book

At Small Press Distribution, where Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls had the honor of being one of the 50 best-selling books of 2010…(an especially joyful fact since it didn’t debut until October)

In Vegas Seven, describing the gifts that Literary Santa gave to Las Vegas in 2010

In Everything Experimental Writing

About Unclean Jobs, “These stories disturb, but in the best possible ways. Lesser writers might just disturb.”

In Twitterword

In Books Mattters

In God Is A Giant Crab

In Vesuvius At Home,  Montevidayo, and The Velvet as a best book of 2010

In Marti Pants


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